Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I've never made new years resolutions before probably because Im not good with long term plans but I think maybe 2011 is my year to start.

1. Save $5,000.
             I really want to buy an apartment.  Ben & I spend $20,000 per year on rent which could be paying of a mortgage of my very own, I can't put hooks on my wall, I can't replace the fluro lights, and I can't paint the walls. (I would have set this to $10,000, but seeing as at this moment I owe the banks $4,000 & considering resolution #2 I feel $5,000 is achievable and realistic.

2. Go to Bali
            Im dying to go on holiday... DYING, My mum is going with some amazing people in October/November 2011 and so I am going with. If it cuts into the funds in point A, so be it!

3. Complete 6 of my course tutorials.
            Yes. Im "technically" a student studying graphic design. I can make this work for me in so many ways i just find it hard to sit and watch the tutorials. its not that I don't want to, I just come home so buggered after work that the thought of doing more work makes my head want to explode. But a reward system may work? yes, lets try that... everyone likes rewards :)

4. Get mums makeup line up and  running.
          Even if we only get one product on Etsy, I really want to make this happen. 

5. Give up eggs
          I've come to realise that even though I always buy organic & free range, this does not ensure the poor little chickens beaks are not burnt off,  their lives happy  their male brothers not murdered for being "useless". In Australia, boy chicks are commonly gassed, or ground up alive in a 'macerator'. Tragically this is completely legal in Australia and occurs for all egg systems including cage eggs and free range.

6. Update my blog monthly.
I dont need to elaborate here.

Thats 2011, It will be hard, but thats the way I like it ;)

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