Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting into the swing of things.

Why is it that I always spend more time organising and changing my blog, that I never end up adding to or promoting it? Im starting to sense that although I love organisation that I lack commitment!

But I try, And I will continue too.

Ive been trying to become enthusiastic about modelling again, I really have. But I just dont see the point sometimes. I love the pretty pictures, and I want to keep creating them, but theres this sense of being "Vain" that im just not that into, It also seems like being a professional model is about how many myspace friends you have, and to me thats just fucked up! Maybe I should get a wireless internet stick and just add people for two hours on the train every day? Waste of frikken time!

I think im just going to be more picky now. Not working with your average joe.  There seems to be quite a bit of stuff happening in my little mountain town of late, so i might just stick to that and the occasional casting call i find interesting on MM.

Im travelling to Melbourne to model at Circa Nocturne next month, which should be a pretty big deal, not to mention I'm going to Melbourne, which is SWEET!

Im going to a local girl named Kates place tomorrow to take some photos, Going to do a version of this picture which will be super cool... havnt done a hawk in a while!

I recently did a shoot at the Warehouse in Katoomba. Dougs warehouse is amazing. He lives and works there. I have wanted to go in there for so many years and finally got the chance the other week! I was modelling some of his creations and they are just to die for!

My good friend Sky O'Shea took these photos which are just snippets from what I got. I need time to edit more!!!! I actually got really sick on the second night... but thats nothing new for me!




I've also been doing my graphic design course work, I had to make a collage from magazine clippings for my first assessment (below) that I got a distinction for :) I've been finding it hard to get motivated at the moment, but I've also been quite sick... so I think that's a good excuse!

I have been very good with my exercise regime, still going to the gym at least twice a week... I love Wednesday night Yoga, and wish I could go every day!

I still having withdrawals from NY... But I know one day I will return!

Thats it for now kids.


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