Thursday, December 10, 2009

May-Z Gets Moving.

So, I have been extremely motivated to do things lately.
That's probably why I'm writing in this non-existent blog!

Moving: I started exercising daily (Well, Almost Daily). Ive walked home from Leura twice which is roughly 5 km and walked to Leura (Same distance) but with two massive hills, one down and one up. I also went rock climbing yesterday with Sarah which I really enjoyed. We are aiming to do that at least fortnightly, Im going to buy shoes next fortnight. Im going to try and do the C25K again (first run was on Saturday) as well but that may take some time to work towards time wise... because that's my biggest enemy - Time.

Eating: I've noticed I think about food a lot, Usually, when I'm not even hungry! Im always thinking about my next meal, what's for dinner (at breakfast time) and what cookies can I cook this week! Yes, this is partially because I love cooking, but i think I'm also conditioned to eat a lot since my life has been grounded around food! I've brought a book called "The End of Overeating" which is basically about obesity in the USA and how eating habits have changed over the past 50 years. Its really interesting because it has information from food chain guys and scientists, test results from rats and all kinds of good stuff (Makes me feel real smart like :X). So anyway, My goal is to only eat 1/2 portions (of things that make sense to eat half portions of), and not to eat anything spontaneously. I already eat really well, so its really just the Overeating that's an issue for me... because I ALWAYS make WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, and am sick of throwing it out. Im also going to try and eat slower, like I'm doing right now, just taking a bite every once and a while, rather than scoffing the entire bowl. If im hungry later, theres always fruit!

Thinking: I have enrolled in a Graphics Design and Desktop Publishing coarse by correspondence and am really excited to be learning something again! I think I would like to do a few course's... but this one can be the first. I would like to follow this one with a photo shop coarse and maybe a web design one because they all kind of go hand in hand really. I think graphic design will be a good creative outlet for me, I love creating boarders and playing with fonts, but can never put together the image that goes inside those things... so really, its perfect! My goal is to finish this coarse in a year and three months. It should only take a year at the rate I'm planning to do it, but that extra 3 months makes it a safe expectation to have of myself, that way, i can take a break if I need to or take more time if I have any trouble. My plan is to do 6 - 8 hours a week... but I can do more than that if necessary. the 6 hours is guaranteed train time, meaning I should aim to do school work at least 3 times a week, if I do four, then that's just awesome :) I'm supposed to pick up fliers, magazines, business cards and basically anything a graphic designer would do and start collecting them (JUNK!!!!) so I need to remember to do that as well. - This will be interesting Elle.... But i know you can do it!

Living: I'm trying to get out and do things a bit more lately, the other day I went to the city to hang out with Thommay, This Sunday I'm helping Stephy at Worn Wild - The Alternative Designers Market and then going to BB's BBQ, Then the following Sunday I'm going to the work Christmas Party at Centerpoint Tower which will be.... Fun? Who knows! Thommays not coming to that, because he is a killjoy. I'm thinking about taking Sage to see Where the Wild Things Are as well... I think he will love it (And who better to see THAT movie with?)

Love: Things couldn't be that much better at the moment with the boy! Were coming up to our One year anniversary in like a week and I'm super excited! I'm really learning to entertain myself around him and just chill out which is a really nice thing to be able to do, compared to my old compulsive self.

Modelling: I got my most recent shoot pic's back today, will be putting the online very soon (Just reminded myself!) Need to plan some more shoots, but with everything else that's going on at the moment I don't think its such a bad thing to just let it go for a bit... keep them hanging :)

Art: Ive been mucking around with my camera of late, just taking pictures of the things that surround me... Like the train station and trees... I like it. I've been playing around with collages and minor photoshopping such as changing colour's and saturation. I love an oversaturated photo.... And bright colour's always get me! I might try and do a model shoot at some point, and Thommay wants me to take some band pics too, so that will be good!

Anyway, I think that's my life story to date!

Until next time my little diary


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